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Team Building

Team Building and Group Activities

SPECIALIZED ADVENTURE is pleased to offer the following Team building and Group Activities  in Cape Town, Hermanus and any other area you may need as we will just add the traveling costs onto the rates below. We have a large selection of Team Building and Group Activities which some can be done indoor and outdoor. Please contact Specialized Adventure for suggestions on the activities to best fit in with your time, budget, theme and venue. 

Some options can be changed to fit in with your budget and time frame


Divided into smaller groups to play The Ultimate Quiz game against each other. Have fun, be cool and be smart!  Hit the buzzer first to answer the question, test your knowledge and become the winning team. The Master Quiz questions can be changed to assist with training purposes, product knowledge or keep it as general knowledge to add a fun start to your event.

*Cost depends on the host available for your event

COST FROM: R270 per person
DURATION: 90 minutes



Team building – The Catapult Challenge  is a fast paced, fun and interactive team building challenge. The Catapult Challenge will test the teams’ ability to design a clear plan which they will then use to put together their Catapult using the construction materials provided. the teams will need to be cleaver with their time given as once its over, there is no going back. Their Catapult may look good but does it stand a chance against the others? This Team Building group activity is ideal for large groups as it is a high energy, competitive activity where groups try to out manoeuvre each other. It ends with a dramatic and epic battle where the last team standing wins!

COST FROM: R400 per person
DURATION: 90 minutes


DRUMMING – From R350per person

Each team member will be given an African drum called a Djembe. The facilitator will teach you the right technique to create the perfect rhythm by working together as a team. A great non-physical activity


MINUTE TO WIN IT – From R375 per person

A Minute 2 Win It! is a fast-paced event that will have your teams laughing, cheering and vying to become the A Minute 2 Win It! Champion. This ultra-competitive event is a perfect addition to corporate events or as a stand-alone team building activity.

 minute to win it

SCULPTURE – From R275 per person

Each team member will get the same amount of clay. According to the assignment, you have to use your clay to sculpt something fantastic. Getting your hands dirty is the best way to get the creative juices flowing. Your creation could look great on your desk at work

 clay sculpting


Each team member will receive his/her own canvas and brushes. The art facilitator will give you an assignment to complete according to your own imagination. This is a fun exercise and it will give you a little insight into your – colleague’s imagination. You will be able to take your painting home.

ONE CANVAS – ONE TEAM – From R475 per person

The whole team will have to work together on this one. A good planning and strategy session will be essential before any paint sees the canvas. Portray the assignment given as a team, to create a master piece that could be exhibited in the office.

canvas painting


 READY STEADY COOK -From R400 per person

The group will be split into teams. Each team will have a cooking station complete with utensils, stoves and all implements needed. With a limited time, limited ingredients and a whole lot of creative thinking, each team must create a 3 course meal with the ingredients provided and within the time allowed. This activity can get extremely competitive and the teams will be judged on presentation, taste, team work and imagination.

 Ready Steady cook

POTJIE KOS COMPETITION – From R450 per person

The group will be split into teams. Each team will have a cooking station with all the equipment needed to prepare your pot. Fires and hot coals will be available. A general “pantry” station with all the fresh vegetables and spices will be set up. Each team will be judged on various criteria, from cleanliness to taste. The final product will be the dinner at the end, and the group will get a chance to enjoy each others pots.

Potjiekos comp

SUSHI MAKING – From R375 per person

Teaching people the art of making their own sushi. Whether you choose to do it for fun or as a team building exercise for you and your colleagues – the sushi lessons will be something different and special. Once you have learn to roll your own sushi using a special sushi mat, you get to feast on your creations.

 Sushi class
ICE BREAKERS – From R150 per person
These consist of a variety of fun ice breaker activities where individuals interact with each other to complete certain games set out for them. A great way to loosen up between or after a breakersAMAZING RACE – From R600 per person

This activity is extremely versatile and can be done in any town or place. The group will be spilt into teams. Each team will receive a clue or “route info” that will take them to various places. When the team arrives at the destination, they have to perform a task. Ones this task is complete, the next clue will be handed to them.

amazing race

YOGA CLASS – From R600 for one person, plus an additional R150 per person

Whether you’ve never taken a yoga class before, or you’re a seasoned yoga veteran, our yoga classes are both accessible and challenging. Yoga mats are not included


COCKTAIL TEAMBUILDING – From R600 per person

Learn the art of cocktail making – One of our experienced mixologists will demonstrate how to make a selection of mouth-watering cocktails, from either our classic or contemporary drinks menu. Then it is your turn to play bartender and get behind the bar to mix up your own cocktail, or two depending on group size. This activity will include a Cocktail making session, Shooters & Layering Session, Flair Session and finish off with a fun filled competition to see which team can do the best

Cocktail teambuilding


After you have learned how to handle the unique Ninebot before the relay starts, you will set off for the obstacle course where each person in the team will be selected to take part in a different section of the relay. This activity consists of Ninebot challenge, Mind games, physical challenges, puzzles and much more! Working together as a TEAM to complete the relay as fast as possible.

ninebot obsticals




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